Tablet War- this time Apple against Motorola

apple iphone vs motorola

Apple, the maker of the iPad and iPhone has sued three of the largest manufacturers of Google's Android-based devices -- Samsung, Motorola (MMI.N) and HTC (2498.TW) -- for multiple patent infringements across multiple countries, pointing out "slavish copying" of design and "look and feel."
After the success in gaining injunction against Samsung and the distribution of the Galaxy Tab across most of Europe ( That means no sales of the Galaxy Tab are allowed going forward and until the case is resolved. Samsung can’t sell the Tab across Europe again if it loses in court.) Now it has been revealed that Apple also filed a similar injunction request against Motorola targeting the Xoom tablet.
The reference in the suit says that Apple has also filed a complaint over the design of the Motorola Xoom, which runs the Android operating system. But it's unclear if Apple is seeking an injunction that would immediately prevent Motorola from importing the tablets into Europe.
Apple and Motorola are also battling it out in U.S. courts over their competing phones. They have sued each other in court and the U.S. International Trade Commission is investigating complaints made by both companies.
The fate of Motorola’s tablet hangs in the air, and if there are any similarities with the case against Samsung then it’s probably going to result in the Xoom being taken off sale too. However, Motorola is already fighting Apple in the courts over 40+ patents, so they may be in a better position to negotiate with Apple.
As it currently stands, Apple is fairing better against its keytablet and smartphone competitors in the courts. Samsung has been forced to stop selling the Galaxy Tab, HTC is awaiting a decision in November regarding Android, and Motorola has to defend both its patents and devices against the company.


Nytovaok said...

like someone said before, apple can't win in the phone and mobile OS market, so they try to win in court instead, smh

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