Aliyun - the brand new mobile OS by Alibaba with Ali-Cloud

aliyun mobile os china

          Alibaba to be the google of china and even launching their own mobile payment services AliPay, we have to admit that seeing them launch their own mobile operating system really did not come as big a shock as we expected. Aliyun will be launched on china's K-Touch cloud smart phone W700 by the end of this month.

          Aliyun focused on the web and cloud services. it focus on the web elements like e-mail and search but should also support web-based applications and will back up call,photo,and text data in the cloud.  Moreover, users can seamlessly synchronize, store, and backup data such as contact information, call logs, text messages, notes, and photos to AliCloud's remote data center. The stored data can then be accessed across all supported PC and mobile devices. Interestingly, online storage service promises to provide 100 GB of data storage absolutely free! .The Aliyun OS will apparently be "fully compatible" with apps from Android through a proprietary Waterloo-style emulation layer.

k-touch w700 aliyun

          Linux runs underneath the platform and allegedly lets the device runs Android apps, although this hasn't been checked and might not apply to some apps. Most of the W700's features aren't known, though it has 3G, a back camera, and GPS.

           Also Alibaba expects a tablet based on Aliyun Os by the end of this year and will also have an English version for other countries near the same time.

           Although with Mozilla planning their own mobile operating system too, it looks like the smartphone operating system wars just got a lot bigger which can only be a good thing as consumers will have more variety to choose from.

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