Amazon's cheaper Android tablet to beat iPad

amazon tablet

Yes…!!!  Finally “Amazon” is set to launch its well rumored Android powered tablet to break down Apple’s dominancy on tablet market. Most likely, Amazon would like to launch this tablet in upcoming October. Amazon is not the very first company that has plans for beat Apple in tablets market on the bases of fewer prices. Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanquing has already told the media about their upcoming tablet that would be able to beat  Apple’s iPad on price point reduction bases.

Amazon's tablet could be priced at $300 or lower, significantly less than the base-level $500 iPad.

Like Apple, Amazon is also in the business of selling e-books, streaming movies and digital music. The more tablets it has in users' hands, the more e-books it can sell to them -- which is where Amazon is hoping to make even more money. This is the main reason Amazon is willing to sell hardware at a loss.

Several Android tablets have been released this year, which may too heavy, too expensive or just not quite there. That has kept many software developers from creating apps for Android tablets, which causes even more consumers to choose the iPad.

Google doesn't make an exact count of tablet-optimized apps available, but most educated guesses place it in the low three figures. Apple has more than 120,000 apps for its tablet. A blockbuster tablet from Amazon would change things, creating a serious incentive for tablet app developers to work on both platforms.

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