NASA App for Android

Through this application users can share NASA content with their friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter or via e-mail. They can find sighting opportunities for the International Space Station as well as keep track of current positions of the spacecrafts orbiting Earth.

You can discover a huge collection of stunning images, videos, mission information, news, NASA TV and featured content with this new NASA App for Android.


- Thousands of images from NASA IOTD, APOD and
- On demand NASA Videos from around the agency
- Current NASA Mission Information
- Launch Information & Countdown clocks
- Current Visible Passes for the International Space Station (ISS)
- ISS and Earth Orbiting Satellite Tracker
- NASA Twitter Feeds from around the agency
- News and Features from the NASA topic areas
- Facebook® Connect and Integrated Twitter™ client for easy sharing
- Live Streaming of NASA TV
- NASA TV and What's On Your TV schedules
- Map and links to all of the NASA centers
- Featured content section

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